Johnny of Greensboro's Curse of Strahd

What goes up must come down

Dungeon Crawl episode 1

As the party looks over the replica dollhouse, the writer notices that a room on the 2nd floor was missed. When Lin cannot find the hidden door, the party knocks a hole in the wall. Inside, our lost souls find skeletal remains hunched over the top of a heavy wooden chest with clawed feet as the lid of the chest rests upon the skeleton’s back. The skeleton appears to be clutching something.

As the adventurers explore this small room, they discover it is a book-lined hide-a-way. Tomes on black arts and fiend summoning, such as “The Priest of Osybus.” The skeleton was clutching a letter bearing the seal of Strahd von Sterovich, in which he admonishes his servant that he is not the hoped-for messiah. Despite the souls he tortured in his dungeon, Strahd is not the one to lead him to immortality. Further, Strahd informs his servant that he will not deliver him from his wretchedness: the servant abandoned love for madness, took solace in another’s arms, and sired a stillborn son.

The chest contained 3 books with black leather covers (writer takes 2, Soren takes 1), 3 scrolls (protect from poison, bless, and spiritual weapon – taken by Elkenfindyl), and 2 deeps and a will.


If I’m not mistaken, I did not see this anywhere in the log:
Soren believes we should bury the children in their proper vault in the basement. After some disagreement within the party, we decide to follow this procedure. Later Soren receives confirmation of this from his Chest. Likewise, Elkenfindyl states that we need to bury them now, before moving on further to destroy the “monster” in the basement.
After this is accomplished the children appear before the party, welcome them for their deed and maintain they cannot fully move on until the creature dwelling in the basement is gone. The party continues searching beneath the house…

What goes up must come down
JohnnyH Hatteras

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