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Thalia's Journal

(Sorry this is so late!)

The soldier, Lin, disappeared into the mist as Soren grabbed the sword and the ground began to stir beneath our feet. Lovely timing, for him at least. Watching the skeletal abominations unearth themselves from under our feet was fascinating in a horrifying kind of way. Luckily the hard frozen ground gave the creatures some difficulty in emergency and we were able to get a few blows in before they were freed. The sword was like something from a fairy tale. The blade appeared to be made of solid light. It seemed to cut through the skeletons like they were butter. Our other weapons didn’t seem to be able to leave their normal marks on the creatures. The skeletons reached for us in between swinging blades trying to corrupt and rot us with necrotic evil. The skeletons growled at Soren “That sword is mine!” Between bursts of flame, showers of arrows, and swipes of paws and blades we eliminate the abominations. Ted and the other two finally make an appearance after the battle. They were informing the Abbot as to what we were doing in the garden. Soren informs us that the sword is sentient and has an overwhelming desire to kill Strahd. As we are discussing the sword and whether or not to share this with the Abbot, both he and Clovin begin to walk up toward us. Suddenly a woman appears in the guard tower and distracts him by mentioning some conversation that they were supposed to have. As she walks toward the abbey she turns and winks at us.

We leave by hopping over the wall of the abbey. Once over the conversation turns to talk of a favorite childhood pastime of mine. Rolling downs hills. I decide to show the others via demonstration and when I rolled past a large rock I turn into a rat. Soren isn’t the only one who likes to investigate on his own.

The next morning I rejoin the group and we head to the Vistani camp. Once their we find that the leaders daughter has gone missing. We, of course, promise to find her. I ask for a belonging of hers so that I can get her scent to track her. Soren talks to the leader about getting his tattoo and while he is doing that we get to work. Alewyn and I (as a dog) track the little girl up to a lake, where we run into a bit of trouble.


Thanks, Heather!

Thalia's Journal
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