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House Crawl

Searching for a Monster in the Cellar

Therin was resolute, and Alewyn voiced support. The party either was going into the house or was going to split. Members agreed to stay together and learn what they could about this mysterious place. Elkenfindyl placed a priority on staying with the living rather than caring for the dead as he left his mentor’s body in the cart on the street.

The iron gate creaked as the party crossed the small front yard. Oil lamps atop wrought iron posts flanked our lost souls as they were confronted by a tall oaken door. A push and the door opened to a foyer adorned by stone-faced aristocratic portraits. A shield also hung on the wall with a puzzling image: a golden windmill on a red field.

The next room opened to a long hall with a black fireplace. Carved wooden wall paneling depicts images of vines, nymphs, flowers and satyrs. On closer inspection, the carvings include serpents and skulls. A sword and shield hang over the fireplace, and as Soren removed the weapon, he noted a windmill design on the hilt. The room is free of dust or cobwebs. Doorways are found on sidewalls and a stairway ascends on the far wall.

Small groups break off to explore the rooms. To the right, a dark, wood paneled study with two overstuffed chairs facing a fireplace over which peers a mounted head of a stag. Three full-sized wolves act as sentinels around the room. Between the club chairs is an oaken table upon which sit a 5-gallon cask of wine, two wooden goblets and a pipe rack. Another table with four chairs sits in a corner. Two wooden cabinets hang from the walls. The first contains a wooden box that holds finely crafted chalices and a deck of cards. Lin is familiar with cards such as these, and takes the deck for safe keeping. The other cabinet contains three crossbows, one heavy, one light, and one hand-held, plus 60 universal crossbow bolts. Soren takes 20 bolts, Elkenfindyl takes 20 bolts and the medium crossbow, and Therin takes the remaining crossbow bolts. The wine, Therin and Grannit soon find out, looks appealing but is bland on the palate. They expected better from this residence.

Across the hall, Alewyn, Grannit and Lin briefly look into a formal dining room complete with large table set for 8. Above the marble fireplace hangs a painting of an alpine valley. Curtains of red silk cover the windows. The room is immaculate, the crystal shimmering, the silver polished. Carvings on the walls depict images reminiscent of a fox hunt, though the hunters appear to be chasing not only deer but wolves. The party does not enter this room.

Grannit and Lin investigate a cloak closet adjacent to the dining room only to find a top hat and some black cloaks. When he is not satisfied by what he finds, Grannit kicks a hole through the closet wall and into the dining room. Mysteriously, after a few minutes, the hole repairs itself. Suspicions that this house is a sophisticated apparition spread among the group.

The main floor also contains a kitchen and pantry stocked with unspoiled foodstuffs. A dumb waiter system useful to getting items to upper floors was also found.

The stairway in the great hall leads up to another grand room, those one lined with suits of armor with visors like the muzzle of a wolf. Each suit clutches a spear. A portrait of a family, this one depicting the children Thorn and Rose, with adults who appear to be their parents. The father looks down lovingly at the baby he is holding in swaddling clothes as the mother looks on with scorn. A cold draft floats down the stairway from the floor above.

To one side of this great room is a music conservatory with a harp, harpsichord, and carvings of well-dressed skeletons. To the other side is a library with red velvet drapes, an exquisite mahogany desk, a framed painting of a windmill, and book cases lining two of the walls. A shorter bookcase extends into the room from the left. Soren helps himself to 2 poetry books, Lin finds an iron key, and Therin takes a boxed letter kit.

At about this time, Lin reveals an amulet that he is wearing. It is alternating between hot and cold. Depictions of the goddesses the Morning Lord (fertility, generally considered good) and the Night Lord (werewolves, generally considered sinister). Elkenfindyl hears the voice of his goddess but does not understand her message that comes to him thinly as if through a haze.

The stairway leading to the third floor is of red marble and ends at a balcony from which the party can look down to the first floor. Atop the stairs, the broad hallway is dusty and dank. A suit of black armor is cloaked in cobwebs. Oaken paneling is carved with falling leaves and tiny woodland critters. The party knows not to look too closely. Grannit approaches the armor, which animates as he gets close. Elkenfindyl is the first to react. His mace hits the breastplate, but the strike only sends vibrations down his arm. Grannit strikes the armor with a might blow, only to receive two thumps in return. Grannit hits the ground. As the others surround the armor, Therin hits. Soren deals damage till the suit of armor falls down in a heap.

As Grannit lies unconscious, Elkenfindyl bends down and mumbles inaudibly as he lays hands upon the dwarf. A moment later, Grannit springs back up and looking for more. The groups takes a rest before moving deeper into this mystery.

Party Loot Log:

Scott’s Party Loot Log


Again, excellent work, Joe! Thanks for your efforts. I’m sure the others are appreciative as well.

House Crawl

Well written and concise. Just two adjustments for the log: Soren decided not to take any crossbow bolts, but he did take one of the dolls (a well dressed skeleton).
Thanks again for keeping the log!

House Crawl
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