Curse of Strahd

Curse of Strahd is a gothic/horror-based 5e D&D mini-campaign based on the original 1st Edition AD&D 1983 Ravenloft adventure module written by Tracy and Laura Hickman of Dragonlance fame. The new gothic-horror adventure includes the original and expanded material written by Chris Perkins and company with the consultation from the Hickman’s.

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Igor the Mud Man (Iggy), Goliath Haunted One, Barbarian of the Bear Totem Path
Inquisitor Cyrus Crowe [TRANSFORMED], Protector Aasimar of the City Watch, Cleric of Life
Soren Radu Kleinsvelldarwogon, Human Haunted One, Fighter-Monster Hunter
Sven, Half-Elf Folk Hero, Phoenix Sorcerer
Thalia, Wood Elf Outlander, Druid of the Moon Circle
Bruce (The Writer, Ted), Human ?


Grannit Coldforge, Mountain Dwarf Soldier, Fighter
Therin (DECEASED), Half-Elf Noble, Sorcerer-Wild Mage
Elkinfindyl, Wood Elf Sailor, Cleric of Life
Lin Freddick, Human Soldier, Rogue-Arcane Trickster
Alewyn Garrick Stinkweed (DECEASED), Forest Gnome Outlander, Ranger-Hunter
Inquisitor Cyrus Crowe (TRANSFORMED), Human City Watchman, Cleric of Knowledge

Party Loot Log:

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Johnny of Greensboro's Curse of Strahd

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