Party Loot Log


Friday evening, Johnny wanted us to make sure we were tracking party loot and who was carrying what. We talked about the Adventure log, but I couldn’t find a good way to keep it front & center. It would eventually just scroll down. There is also no easy way to create a table with the OP interface that I can see.

I decided to try a google spreadsheet. Here is the link for people to view at any point.

If we found anything in earlier sessions that are “party” stuff, please let me know.

Right now, I’m the only editor, but if you send me a google email/account (privately if you don’t want it advertised), I’m happy to add anyone else as an editor. If we have anything else from earlier sessions, let me know and I’ll add it. If someone has a better setup for the sheet, I’m happy to hear it.

I know Justin was keeping a paper record, which he can still do, but I thought a web-based solution might work better in case Justin was absent. If you hate it, I’ll kill it. Just let me know.


Party Loot Log

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